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Jun 9, 2012 · You are the whole world, I look at only you I stare into distance in front of you. Just like you’re the end for me Just like you’re my last moment You pass by me so easily Even if I can’t go up and take just a step. You make me walk around… You make me cry Like an idiot, like a child, I just laugh it off The closer I get, the more ... [Verse 1] 조금만 아파도 눈물나요 가슴이 소리쳐요 그대 앞을 그대 곁을 지나면 온통 세상이 그대인데 그대만 그리는데 그대 앞에선 숨을 죽여요 [Pre-Chorus 1] 내게 그대가 인연이 아닌 것처럼 그저 스치는 순간인 것처럼 쉽게 날 지나치는 그대 곁에 또 다가갈 한걸음 조차 채 뗄 수 없을지라도 [Chorus] 서성이게 해 눈물짓게 해... Find the original song full text of Can You Hear Me by Tae Yeon, a 2023 K-pop song about a girl who is in love with a boy who does not hear her voice. The lyrics are in Korean and English, and you can request and explain the meaning of the song online. (Can you hear me...) Official MVBeethoven Virus OST SNSD's Kim TaeYeonLyrics included.Credits:효랭아춤춰봐@sosiz; WishForFany, xyiseul, xxyumeno, boxclub@s... Lirik lagu: Can You Hear Me oleh Tae Yeon :: Cari Lirik Lagu di ? Lirik Lagu: Can You Hear Me - Tae Yeon Home - Tae Yeon - Lirik Lagu Can You Hear Me Jogeumman apado nunmul nayo Gaseumi sori chyeoyo Geudae apeul Geudae gyeocheul jinamyeon Ontong sesangi geudae inde Geudaeman geurineunde Geudae apeseon sumeul jukyeoyo

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