how to get extra accessory slot terraria

How to get more accessory slots? As we said before, if you play in Expert Mode, you will get an item called the Demon Heart from killing the Wall of Flesh. This will allow you to add an extra accessory slot to your inventory. Remember that the slot will be gone if you take your character into a normal world. Each accessory slot also has a respective vanity slot (as well as a dye slot) which allows a character to equip twice the amount of accessories for cosmetic or storage purposes. Accessories can be set to be invisible on the wearer but still provide their buffs. Jun 24, 2022 · Adds up to 30 additional accessory slots (default 3) - completely configurable! Also adds a setting to allow any accessory in vanity slots (default disabled). Additionally, you can specify a number of "vanity only" slots to add! 5K views 6 months ago. In this video, we will quickly tell you how you can increase your accessory slots in Terraria. The video is made to be quick and simple so we hope it helps you. ...more... Unlocking the 7th slot in master mode will in turn only be available in master mode in a master world and harder seeds. If you feel like you really need the extra slots to complete your build with an existing character just go for it. Edit: typos

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