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Build Your Jakarta EE (Java EE) Applications Fast. Deploy Anywhere with Payara’s Application Server. Secure & Scalable. An innovative and supported Application Server for hosting your mission critical apps, will facilitate and enhance your Jakarta EE and MicroProfile projects. Monolith, Microservices or Hybrid. On Premise or in the Cloud. The payara, Hydrolycus scomberoides, is a species of dogtooth tetra. This predatory fish is found in the Amazon Basin in tropical South America. It was the first of four species to be described in the genus Hydrolycus. Description. The most noticeable feature of H. scomberoides is the two long fangs protruding from its lower jaw. Payara Platform Enterprise is stable, supported software designed for mission critical systems in production and containerized Jakarta EE (Java EE) and MicroProfile applications. Nov 24, 2023 · Learn about Payara fish, also known as Vampire Tetra or Dogtooth Tetra, a predatory species of dogtooth tetra that can be found in the Amazon Basin. Find out their size, tank size, food, lifespan, tank mates, breeding, disease and more.

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